Below are the present service areas of the Main Library. Other services or sections shall be added if it shall be deemed necessary.

Office of the Director of Instructional Media Center

Administers and supervises the entire library system. Provides consultation and guidance on the library and information services.

Technical Services

Responsible for the acquisition and classification of library materials. Upon acquisition, books and other library materials undergo different mechanical and technical processes. They should first be made ready for circulation and use.

Reference Services. Include basic reference sources (e.g., dictionaries, encyclopaedias, almanacs, yearbooks, handbooks, manuals, guidebooks, atlases, gazetteers, biographical sources, bibliographies, etc.) as well as undergraduate and graduate theses/dissertations.

Serial Services. Include journals, magazines, newspapers, annual reports, proceedings, monograph series, transactions of societies, and other serials arranged alphabetically by title. Maintain also a self-indexed information file on various subjects clipped from dailies/newspapers.

Circulation Services. Include books which relate to and supplement each curriculum offered by the College as well as those for general, cultural, voluntary, and recreational reading.

Reserve Services. Include books for the different courses in great demand during each semester.

Filipiniana Section. Includes books about the country by Filipinos or by others in whatever subject or language published in or outside of the country.

College Archives and Theses Section. Include the vital documents about the establishment of the University of La Salette, the College annual reports, and other publications as well as other related documents. The library also holds a vast collection of undergraduate’s theses, master’s theses and dissertations. It is for inside use only for undergraduate students while graduate students can only photocopied 10% of the entire thesis.

Internet Services. This facility is one medium in which instruction and learning have been more challenging, rich, and relatively more accessible. One can browse and retrieve information, rare articles, and news bits from around the globe, or cruise along the vast info superhighway in a matter of minutes.

Audio-visual Room. Reference books in digital format or Electronic Resources can be viewed in the Audio-visual Room. Materials used in this section are VHS tapes, interactive instructional CD- ROMs, VCDs, DVDs, and audiocassette tapes.

Photocopying Service Area. Caters to the needs of library users who want to photocopy or reproduce information through transparencies.